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Our online tools enable the web editors to edit your report, frame the story and publish to their website.

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Newzing tracks which of our members, publishers websites, use your video. We track video ad revenues for those stories.

We calculate your revenue share automatically and deliver your share

Revenue Sharing Maths

The revenue for every ad impression is shared as follows

For this calculation, assume you, the web editor/publisher/producer, declared that you would share n% of the pre-roll revenues.

Web Publisher's share :

[1- (n÷100] × net-revenue per ad impression

Your (content submitter), Share :

( n÷100) × net -revenue per ad impression

If there are more than one Contributors for a published video, then contributors are credited with pre-roll revenue in proportion to the lenght of their Video segment used in the final video.

Revenue Share per contributor :

(length of the contributor's video used in the published video ÷ total duration of the published video) × (n÷100) × net-revenue per ad impression :

Getting Paid

Newzing will use PayPal to remit payments to reporter at the end of each billing cycle.


  • Newzing does not need an app as long as you have either Dropbox or Google Drive on your devices and a social media account such as Twitter, Facebook , Google+
    • Follow Webeditors who you would like to work with
    • or just check out available opportunities
    • Submit your videos for suitable opportunities
  • Newzing servers handle all the video processing and revenue tracking for your video.
    • Publishers use Newzing tools to access, review your content
    • Newzing tracks who uses your content and successful ad impressions
    • Newzing automatically credits your account with your share of revenues
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