Show More Videos! Capture More Revenues!
Accept, Editorialize and Publish Video Blogs

More Coverage

When you can't get your professional camera crew to get to an event or a function, you can always find people who are there to shoot videos and share them with you. Newzing workflow makes it easy for Video Bloggers to submit their content to you.

Online Video Editor

Use Newzing's online editor to review all submitted contents in one place. Trim submitted Videos . Combine submitted videos with your own commentary. Preview videos and publish to your video page with one click.

Comprehensive Reports

We track all video playback data and deliver actionable, detailed and accurate reports to you .

Included Video encoding and Hosting

Newzing automatically encodes videos to MP4 and WebM formats with different bitrates to support all browsers and devices. Videos are served from a Content Distribution Network to server videos with maximized speed.

Integrated With Google Drive® and Dropbox®

Newzing enable video bloggers to easily submit files from their cloud drives ,Google Drive® and Dropbox® . Newzing automatically fetches and prepares these files for your review. In addition, Newzing also allows contributors to upload large files directly.

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