Show More Videos! Capture More Revenues!
Harness the Power of Videos to Win back Your Classifieds Advertising Revenues from Craigslist® , Kijiji® etc. etc.
Affordable Reliable Video Advertising starting at $14.99

Deliver Better Results for Your Classified Advertisers

Video are a powerful medium of communication. Your classified advertisers can use videos to pitch their products and services more effectively.

Process And Serve Video Ad submissions in Minutes

Our technology enables encodes video submitted by advertisers into all necessary video formats to support all devices and browsers

Reports for Advertisers

We track all video playback data and deliver actionable, detailed and accurate reports to you advertisers.

Accept Video Classifieds From Your Community

Our technology enables your site to easily accept advertisements from your community and local businesses. We streamline the advertising work-flow to make it easy for your advertisers to advertise with videos.

Mobile Compatible Video Advertising

Our video handling technology enables you to deliver video classifieds page that works on smartphones, tablets as well as computers.

Getting Paid

We can transfer money to your account via PayPal or via bank transfers after the classified ad has completed its run. We also deliver you detailed revenue reports to keep you updated.

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